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Online Auction Packages - Carey Classics

Head of School for the Day

Become Head of School for the Day. Give your child hands-on experience as a future leader! After being picked up at home by Mr. Lyon and treated to a pre-school hot cocoa, your little leader will greet students as they arrive, make the morning announcement, have a morning “meeting” with three of his/her friends and Mr. Lyon, have a “power lunch” with Mr. Lyon, enjoy a special project with Mr. Lyon, and then release the students for the day.

Front Row at Holiday Sing

Don't miss your chance to have an unimpeded view of your little performer(s) during the annual Holiday Sing concert! The winning bidder will get six front-row seats to the best show of the season. Be close enough to support (or embarrass!) your child(ren) while they show-off their vocal talents. Enjoy the show!

VIP Parking

Don’t just imagine never having to wait in the pick-up line again or worry about finding a parking space for Carey events—make it happen! If you are the winning bidder for this item, you will have one reserved parking space in the Cruz's circular driveway at 2033 La Salle Drive (immediately adjacent to the school) for one year, from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. In addition, your family's name will be inscribed on the donor plaque on the large spruce tree in the driveway commemorating your contribution to the school. 

Online Auction Packages - Grade Projects

Thank you to our amazing project leads for all of their efforts! We wish everyone could see these art projects in person, they look fantastic! See additional photos on the online auction website.

Pre-K Project: Macramé Wall Hanging

The crafty kids in Pre-K made this lovely, all-natural, macramé wall art. The kids hand-dipped cotton strings in natural dyes made from blueberries, spinach, coffee, and turmeric and tied knots to create a beautiful wall textile that will be a show stopper in your home or office for years to come. A preschooler locally sourced the wood and the piece is finished with wooden beads and fibers sealed with wax. This gorgeous piece measures 52.5 inches wide and 63 inches high.

Project Leads: Lily Bastian, Abigail Doyle, Ming Lacey

Kindergarten Project: Andy Warhol Canvases




(More images can be seen here.) The K students have created a collage of 40 individual paintings. The work is inspired by the style of the American artist Andy Warhol and illustrates the artist’s techniques of drawing and repetition. The repeating vibrant colors and shapes across the work create its main pop art effect. In addition, the students' unique drawings of simple and familiar objects such as apples, butterflies, and flowers add an invaluable layer of creativity and imagination on the canvases. The final result is simply a masterpiece! The two pieces are framed in black and measure 30" by 24" each.

Project Leads: Amir Zeineddini, Haanieh Riahi

1st Grade Project: The Spin on Fluid Art


Fluid art, or paint pouring, uses special acrylic paints to create art with natural-flowing patterns. The 1st graders played with different fluid art techniques to create their own interpretations of abstract art. All 41 students started with a white canvas and then chose their own colors, poured their paints, and watched their colors swirl. Working in small groups, they yelled, “So cool!” and “That looks like magic!” as they cheered each other on. Each student’s unique creation blends into an artwork that captures the spirit of Carey from the 1st graders’ perspectives. This white frame, with a glossy finish and acrylic glass, measures 24" H x 39" W.

Project Lead: Yi-Wyn Colaco, Vierra Wong, Cecilia Wong

2nd Grade Project: Squares and Shadows

Each second grader designed and created their own unique acrylic tile. The tiles include colors, natural elements, and metal figurines and shapes chosen by each child. The items are suspended in the acrylic and allow light and shadows to dance through the small squares while highlighting the children's selections. The tiles are harmoniously mounted together in an acrylic modern frame and would be a wonderful and meaningful addition to any home.

Project Leads: Cora Sharma and Claudia Dierkes-Banks

3rd Grade Project: Map of San Francisco

This hand illustrated map of San Francisco outlines each different neighborhood of our great city. As the 3rd graders visited and studied parts of the city this year it was a very personal and enriching project for them all. Some kids collaged, some were assigned to neighborhoods, some painted backgrounds and some wrote the names of the neighborhoods. This stylish piece measures 24"x36". 

Project Leads: Tara de la Garza, Ming Lacey, Suyun Kim

4th Grade Project: "The Dot" Paintings

(Please note: This art piece is stuck at the frame shop! The final product will be delivered to the winning bidder as soon as the frame shop is allowed to re-open.) Taking inspiration from Peter Reynolds's The Dot "to just make a mark and see where it takes you" and expanding on their exploration of social justice, the 4th grade students have created a piece that incorporates individuality, learning strengths and emotions through use of color. Colors express feelings, culture, people, senses, and symbolism. Their project represents each individual in an inclusive community, one that accepts and celebrates differences and diversity.

Project Leads: Lynn Metzger, Jan Dong, Lori Jabagchourian

5th Grade Project: Soaring High

The 5th graders built some strong wings in their past years at Carey, and are now ready to fly to middle school. Using collage, each child hand-crafted a colorful bird to create this gorgeous flock of birds on a 40”X20” wood canvas. A tree with a Carey School heart engraved in the bark, and two sitting birds made by the teachers, are leading them on their way. A beautiful art piece, a keepsake memory of your soon-to-be-graduate.

Project Lead: Veronique Gil


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